Located in Dublin, Blue Oak Moving & Storage proudly serves the wonderful communities of Columbus. With over a decade of experience, Blue Oak Moving & Storage understands what is required to properly and efficiently relocate your home or office. Blue Oak Moving & Storage also offers premier service to those moving to Ohio from anywhere in the world. Blue Oak Moving & Storage has earned and operates with a current Marine Cargo certification. This certification allows Blue Oak Moving & Storage to operate in any and all states.

Residential Relocation Columbus:

Relocating your family’s home can be a very stressful time. With the correct planning and proper handling, the stress that comes with moving your home can be eliminated. With full time specialists, Blue Oak Moving & Storage can guarantee premier moving services to every client. The top priority of Blue Oak Moving & Storage is to ease the transition of moving the home for your family. Each box will be placed in the room assigned. Each bed will be assembled properly. This attention to detail will allow your family return to normal living routine in the days following the move. Blue Oak Moving & Storage stands for excellence in operation. This standard of excellent service is transparent throughout the entire moving process of moving your family.

Commercial Relocation Columbus:

Do you have a business located in the Columbus metro area? If the answer is yes, there will be a point throughout your career that you will need to move offices. Blue Oak Moving is the premier service provider to organize and execute the project. When planning and handling office fixtures, attention to detail and a strict timeline must be a top priority. A lack of consideration for timeline or detail when doing it yourself can lead to costly mistakes. Blue Oak Moving & Storage considers all aspects and timelines when planning the relocation of your office. This will minimize the downtown to your operations as a result of the relocation. Minimizing the downtime of your business as a result of the relocation between A and B is our top priority.